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Automatic Emblems

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

 Object: Cape/Cloak (from Entertainment Discourse [Batman])



Career Discourse:

Title: The General Theory of Economics


Use: (html this)

"Having a bad stock day?  Going to jump out of a window? 

Here's a cape, at least you'll look cool and possibly have fun flying down .."



Family Discourse:

A cape is large and thick, and can act as protection.  My parents are very protective of my brother and I; this leads to them constantly telling us that they love us (weird for a Chinese family!)

I also imagine where I went to high school as a cape.  Plano, TX [actually very odd that that football stadium picture Jim put up a few months ago was from Plano (Senior High School) .. memories ..]  My friends and I used to joke that we lived in the "Plano Bubble".

The Truman Show

(Truman show - seriously)

Nothing bad ever really happened in Plano, the school system was great, and we were innocent.  The cape could also suffocate.  Perhaps this is a better word for what Plano was than protection?


Community Discourse:

A cape - as was introduced before - woven together, possibly like mesh (all the different communities that make us unique) and tied together at the neck, or possibly fastened with a jewel, something valuable


The jewel holds the cape up - without it, the cape would crumple and fall.  The jewel itself is what makes us human, what makes us unique - our consciousness, it ties together all of our memories and what we are involved in.


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