Community Discourse

When I think of the Community, the first words that comes to mind are Family and Culture. Which is why I will focus so much on the past and how Chinese culture came to be and also my own family and how we relate. 


My thoughts on the Chinese Community 


This begs the question, though, of why is my community stereotyped in this certain way (more specifically, what led to my own family to be like this?)


To find out, research had to be done!


First, wikipedia! (it knows everything)


Secondly, my parents would be the next best source of information about my past.


Lastly, I asked my friends what they thought was the reason for all of this.



There are links to various events and beliefs in the past that still ring true in many chinese communities.  I think the biggest factor (link), though, is the willingness of each family and community to carry on traditions.  Every community has it's history, but each separate community makes it's own choices on how to behave.




My wide image will help to break the mold of this community, it will demonstrate aporia.