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First circle is 360 degrees, shows my analyticalness, also shows how chinese culture invades my life from all sides.

Second circle is three dimensional, heavy; a chinese medicine ball an inch in diameter.  Represents the various beliefs that differ from western medicine.]


Richardson, TX

Where I was born and raised.  Back when I was full of hope, and lacking cares.  This represents my 'youth', the place where most of my underlying opinions and beliefs were formed.


Plano, TX

I moved to Plano in 10th grade, about the time when I actually started maturing.  It was rough at first, leaving the place where I had grown up, but I got over it and learned to love my new home.  I don't really consider this my youth, but more of a sort of learning responsibility stage.  I had new responsibilities (obviously), like having a car, etc. and I was starting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (sorta kinda).


Hong Kong, China

Spring 2006, I studied abroad in Hong Kong.  This was probably the most fun time i've had in my life (tied with spring semester of senior year in high school).  In all respects, it was just a six month vacation from the seriousness that is college.  It was a welcome break, and I learned some things that I didn't expect to learn (mostly about the culture). 


Austin, TX

The present.  I see Austin as the place where I have boundless opportunities. 

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