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 Culture (def): the stock market

Human nature, innately, is chaotic.  This probably applies moreso to the beginning of mankind as opposed to the present (although it's wholly possible), higher schools of thought try to prevent chaos from setting in over our society.  Some cultures may operate like this, but it's widely accepted that if a culture behaves as so, it won't last for very long.  I suppose in a way this is sort of an anti-culture.  When left to themselves, human culture has the possibility to deteriorate to the state of "everyone for themselves".  I think it's most apparent in movies where some cataclysmic event causes society to shatter, as a whole, and turn into something resembling the stock market.  Scrambling people, screaming their lungs out, trying to get a leg up over everybody else.  When someone finds some way to succeed, others jump on the bandwagon or simply try to jump on their backs attempting to profit from others' hard work.  Sorry to say, and other times, when things are looking too well, some choose to figuratively jump off of a tall building.  While this behavior isn't encouraged by cultures, it is still accepted.


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