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Family Discourse

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"The family is the nucleus of civilization."


I think my family is fairly typical, very American Family-ish. My immediate family consists of my parents along with my little brother and myself.


My parents made it almost a point to try to give my brother and I every opportunity to better ourselves (extracurricularly). This doesn't directly relate to that fact, but they also made it a point to go on vacation as a family every year.


These vacations, then, naturally, are the focus of my family discourse.




Starting from when I was only a few years old, practically every summer (and/or Spring Break), our family would go on vacation.  There were three types of vacations:


The Classic

The good 'ol "just us" vacation.  These spots were generally 'fun', meaning my parents knew that if they took me and my brother sightseeing, we would torture them because we were so bored.




Galveston beach on the Gulf of Mexico

(Galveston/Corpus Christi) 


5-Yard Penalty (Too Many Men on the Field)

Trips with my extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc).


(Hong Kong) 


(Everywhere else in Eastern Asia excluding Hong Kong) 






We're Gonna Party Like It's ..


(Hong Kong) (Again)


(Las Vegas)


(Grand Canyon) 

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