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FD - Skiing

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Map of where i've skied

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As you can probably tell, we go skiing.  Alot.  Lately, my parents have been getting older and therefore not inclined to go on physical vacations anymore.  When we would go, however, they weren't that skilled; my brother and I would normally go off to the black trails and almost-hurt ourselves while my parents would at most venture into the medium-difficulty blues.


We would always rent a condo to stay in for the few days of our trip.  Normally, it would be within a short walking distance of the slopes, so we didn't have to deal with too much transportation.  We'd also go shopping and mainly cook for ourselves because going out to eat was ridiculously overpriced, and it wasn't in our nature to waste money like that.


I had tried snowboarding once, and while I liked the fact that the boots were infinitely more comfortable than ski boots, the learning process of snowboarding required alot of butt-hurt, which I couldn't take.  And also, I felt that skiing was easier to control myself, so I stuck with that for the last few trips.



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