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Memory Glimpse

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Richardson, Texas:

It was the day of one of the biggest trial verdicts in history... Yes, that's right.



(That would be OJ Simpson, along with his personal magician to his left)


I remember it was a few days after my birthday, I was .. probably still in elementary school, possibly 7th grade. It was before noon on the weekend, and we were right about to leave for lunch. We were going to have lunch with our family friends, who comprised of 4 families from chinese school. The parents would play mahjongg, while the kids would just screw around on the weekends. By screw around, I mean sports, video games, TV, or other .. experiments.]


Anyways, we were about to leave for lunch, and I remember I was almost done with my huge Knex roller coaster .. thingy, and it was taking up almost a quarter of the living room. We left in my dad's new Mercedes E320. I remember he just got his car because he got pulled over shortly afterwards for speeding.


It was cloudly that day, the skies were gray even at noon. We were driving by where my piano teacher lived on one side and the place I went to daycare when I was younger on the other side. I was half lying down in the backseat when we started slowing down. I remember sitting up and seeing the cop, and looking forward and seeing cars stopped ahead of us. Now that I think of it, they were probably just parked on the side of the road, but at the time I thought that police had the ability to stop all of the cars on the road at the same time. (I suppose you could blame that on an active imagination) I remember thinking it was a little unnecessary to stop all the cars for one speeding one, but accepted the fact anyways. I'm not sure when I figured out that this wasn't exactly how the world worked, but I do recall the next time I was reminded of this: reading 1984 in high school.


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