My Family (community)

Very family oriented. Pretty much every chinese family I have known had a working father (at least, the largest breadwinner), and a stay-at-home mom, with possibly some real estate doings. My parents put me in a private school and after school day care when my mother was working, but she quit when I was in the third grade so she could stay at home with my brother and I. Not long afterwards, though, she acquired a few properties and began to rent them out. My best friend (our moms were best friends) did pretty much the same thing.


Anyways, most asian childrens' lives were pretty much the same. I think it was the goal of every asian parent to give their children every opportunity they could think of. I'm pretty sure the reason was that, if they happened to be good at one of those things, then they would be successful. Therefore, I played tons of sports - soccer, teeball, swimming, tennis, even .. gymnastics when I was in 1st grade. None of which I particular excelled at, but I had taken a liking to soccer and swimming. There was also the music. I played piano, and later picked up percussion (not in orchestra!). I should probably look up a reason for this. Along with all of these extracurricular activites, our grades were expected to be high also. And taking outside math classes, wtf. Hearing crap about how this chinese kid got a 1500 on his SAT in the 7th grade, and is good at piano and violin and stuff .. heard that all the time, they would always be featured in the chinese newspapers.


I recall hearing a sermon by a pastor here in Austin (caters to college students) about why asians are stereotypically engineers and such, and he claimed the reason was because of the security.  Chinese people have a need to have security in their futures, and aren't big on risk taking, something that pastor challenged us to do.