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Alot of ambiguous thoughts about my father - when I think of him now, I think of him as very impersonal, but my memories suggest otherwise.


I can also see how money/trends has been there in my past, and why I even think of them now.


Most of my memories are centered around my family, and how we do alot of things together. I mean, that's what happens when people live together, isn't it? A big part of this is expectations of my parents and how I strive to please them, which is evidenced in my Memory Glimpse and family discourse.


Another setting that constantly shows up is school, the place(s) of learning.  I've spent so much time in school that I ended up with alot of questions of 'why am I here?' and i've taken alot of experiences from school and applied them to other aspects of my life.


I think all of these factors point to the classic American family/dream. To put a small spin on that, the "classic?" Asian-American family/dream. This will be delved into in my wide emblem.



An Anti-pattern (ing?)

One thing that is very lacking throughout my discourse pages is religion.  In a community where christianity plays such a large role, I think it's interesting that my family and community discourses don't mention it at all.  The entertainment and career discourses aren't really expected to have religion in them (though they can), but since religion has had very little effect on my life, there is no mention of it.

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