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Stereotypical Community

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(More like things that I hear about my community that doesn't happen to my family)


I've never actually experienced this firsthand, but I have always heard 'horror' stories about parents comparing how far their children have gone, I guess sort of vicariously living through them. Another thing my friends say is weird about my family is that it's weird that both a) my parents are affectionate and b) that we tell each other that we love one another.


I have some friends whose parents are from mainland China and their fathers are psychopathic. Controlling, not letting them have any fun, always studying .. ugh, i'm glad my parents aren't like that.


Stock Photo titled: New Jersey Teaneck Asian Family Parents Scold Teen Son Behavior Home Relationships, USE OF THIS IMAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED

(papa say ..)




 = BAD!



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