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The Quest Schema

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 Using Batman ..


Bruce Wayne's ORDINARY WORLD was his life before his parents died.  He had a (relatively) normal life, for him, at least.  When his parents were murdered, and I suppose after he became Batman, both his OUTER PROBLEM (how to protect Gotham) and his INNER PROBLEM (how to get revenge for his parents) surfaced. 


I think it'd be too easy to point to Alfred, his butler, as his MENTOR, nor do I actually think he was.  He was just kind of there, helping Bruce along, while not really giving him a TEST, but he did give several pointers along the way.  I'd say his mentor is the Joker himself, when he reveals himself to be his parents' killer, he sort of sets Batman on his inner quest to take revenge.  The funny thing is, though, that the Joker also wants to take revenge on Batman for making him who he was.


His remembrance of everything about his parents' deaths (it's a hard thing to forget, I suppose) is partially part of Bruce Wayne's own discourse, one of the events that stayed in his mind since.

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